Innovation Management at Battery Exhibition


Innovation Management of BST eltromat at the battery exhibition in Munich

Dr. Michael Dattner, Innovation Manager of BST eltromat International, spoke at the ees (electrical energy storage) Europe. The ees Europe is the largest and most visited international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems in Europe. Under the title "Concepts for a Holistic Quality Assurance - Illusion or Reality?", Dr. Michael Dattner presented the company's core competences in quality assurance systems for the printing and tire industry. He showed the clear chances for a technology and know-how transfer into the battery industry with the focus on combining different solutions in a cross industry approach. The audience appreciated this approach. Further highlights were the discussion about the BST eltromat concept for inline capacity estimation. This can be done at the very beginning of the electrode production process by an isotope transmission measurement from the BST ProControl for a stochastically control and allows the estimation of the final cell capacity. For a 100% inspection concept, sensors are currently in a feasibility study driven by the innovation management.