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Purchasing and Logistics: Maximum Reliability with Fair Conditions

In order to provide you with first-class products at a reasonable price, we work together with select suppliers and logistics companies.


Our ambition: absolute adherence to deadlines and proper delivery of our quality products all over the world. With the BST Group, this is what you can rely on in every project.


We know that first-class product quality can only be guaranteed if our suppliers also deliver first-class product quality. That’s why we prefer long-term partnerships with our suppliers and logistics partners. For incredibly smooth communication and development, we have set strict purchasing and logistics conditions that offer our partners and customers maximum process security.

The following section contains important information for our customers and suppliers.

Purchasing and Logistics: Downloadable Information

General Terms and Conditions

BST Group: Purchasing Conditions

We place orders in line with the civil and commercial provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany. Any suppliers’ general terms and conditions that deviate from or that alter these provisions are expressly rejected.



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