Innovation and Development | BST Group

Innovative Strength for Optimal Development Processes

As a full-service provider of quality assurance systems for the web-processing industries, the BST Group handles all services


from planning, conceptualization, and consulting,
to the development and implementation of all system components (including control concepts),
to the start-up procedure, function and safety tests, and optimization.


The companies in the BST Group offer their customers added value that pays off every day, through the acceleration of production processes and the sustainable increase in productivity. In order to guarantee these benefits over the long term, the BST Group must continue to develop itself and its portfolio. This is achieved through proactive research and development and the planned management of innovations.

Targeted Innovation Management

At BST, in the Bielefeld headquarters of the BST Group, our group of companies coordinates and combines their entire potential for innovation. The goal: BST customers all over the world should best benefit from the latest developments.


Established structures allow us to optimally address suggestions from various sides, in order to analyze them and prepare them, so that promising projects in the business can be implemented in a timely manner. We make decisions about the strategic organization of our project portfolio on a secure basis. This ensures that investments in innovative solutions are always favorably scheduled and efficiently calculated, thus paying off over the long term – for our customers as well as for us.


Close partnerships with research institutes and universities create a basis for recording the requirements of our core markets and potential new markets at an early stage. The result of these networks is a depth of research and range of development that we could hardly realize if we were working alone. In short, the structurally bound innovation power of the BST Group regularly accelerates development processes that bring new and innovative solutions to market maturity quickly and prudently.

Example: Our Inline Spectral Color Measurement Project with the University of Wuppertal and GMG

In a cooperative project with the University of Wuppertal, BST expanded its inline spectral color measurement service range in a targeted way, adapted even better to the market needs. Inline spectral color management is the key to higher color accuracy in the production of flexible packaging and labels in particular. Over the course of our cooperation, we optimized the design of our backing, creating the basis for particularly reliable measurement procedures. In addition, we can now use algorithms to transform the spectral data determined on a white background for backings of any color.


Even if the printing job makes it necessary for backings to deviate from the norm, the result of our cooperation makes precise color measurement possible and offers print service providers and packaging manufacturers flexibility and security that was hitherto unknown, such as for printing substrates that are transparent or not fully opaque.


Further cooperation with GMG, a leading provider of high-end color management and proofing solutions, will make it possible to profile inline spectral color measurement printing machines without special proofs. The printing machine profiles are dynamically created, based on a few measurements from the production process. For the color management workflow, especially for the proof process, there are always current machine profiles available, which increases convenience and security in color control. Through networking the systems, the characteristic lines needed for pre-press are also constantly available in their most up-to-date parameters.

BST Innovation Management: Your Benefits

  • Targeted innovation management to serve BST customers worldwide
  • Continuous development of the product portfolio
  • Consistent focus on customer benefits; acceleration of production processes and increase in productivity
  • Proactive research and development
  • Established business structures for the regulated and rapid intake, analysis, and implementation of suggestions
  • Numerous partnerships with research institutes and universities
  • Continuous assessment of the requirements of new and existing markets
  • Great depth of research and range of development