Milestones | BST Group

The History of the BST Group: A Success Story

The BST Group today is a strong group of companies whose subsidiaries are appreciated by customers worldwide, both for its high-quality products and first-class service. This is preceded by a long success story that has made BST a leading brand for quality assurance systems in the web-processing industries. In the following, we will present some of the stops along the way. We also pledge that, even in the future, we will keep you on the path to success with knowledge “made in Germany” and industry-leading technology.

BST Group: Milestones


Integration of pre- and post-press via the creation of workflow interfaces


Founding of the company BST North America as an umbrella company for the brands AccuWeb, BST eltromat, and BST ProControl in the USA


BST International GmbH and eltromat GmbH become BST eltromat International


BST ProMark acquires AccuWeb, Inc.
Merger of betacontrol and Protagon into today’s BST ProControl
Market introduction of an inline color measurement system with absolute spectral color measurement


Acquisition of betacontrol GmbH and P2T Protagon Process Technologies GmbH


The first integrated 100% quality management solutions in modular construction


Further expansion of the BST branch network in Brazil, China, and Turkey


Entry into the tire market

Expansion of the product portfolio for web monitoring, automation, and register control, including
the first camera-based color web monitoring (1986),
the first 100% inspection system for security printing (1990),
and the first waveless drive solution for a liquid packaging printing press (1995).


Acquisition of BST Parts by EMG
Founding of BST subsidiaries in France, Japan, Italy, India, and the USA


Founding of BST Servo-Technik as a business for web guiding


Founding of the company eltromat GmbH; the first register control for gravure printing presses for packaging worldwide