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BST Group: Strong Together

BST, the parent company / headquarters of the BST Group, is a 100% subsidiary of EMG Automation GmbH, Wenden, and is thus part of the elexis and SMS group of companies.

About EMG Automation GmbH

EMG Automation GmbH is a leading specialist in automation technology and was founded in 1946 as a subsidiary of the Nationale Automobil-Gesellschaft (NAG). The business group impresses its customers with uncompromising reliability and intelligent innovations. The goal: a sustainable increase in efficiency in all stages of the production process.


Numerous serial products are part of the EMG Automation GmbH portfolio, as well as individual components and complex system solutions that are used in conveyor belt control and quality management, in particular. Their central applications are in metal, paper, and plastic, and in the film and tire industries. In cooperation with EMG, customers benefit from the expertise and innovative strength of the experienced global market leader.

More information: www.emg-automation.com

About elexis AG

elexis AG was founded in 1995 and has established itself as a technology leader for production automation, drive technology, and quality control. The elexis Group products are oriented toward the markets of the future and can be implemented in many different ways in the industrial production process. Among other things, elexis technologies are significantly involved in the increase of production profitability and the reduction of waste. Thus, elexis plays a part in the indirect reduction of CO2 emissions and in ensuring global mobility.


elexis AG is a subsidiary of SMS Holding.

More information: www.elexis.de

About the SMS Group

Under the umbrella of SMS Holding GmbH, a group of internationally operating businesses provides system design and mechanical engineering for the steel and non-ferrous metal industries. More than 13,500 employees worldwide generate sales of some €3 billion.


The SMS Group portfolio covers the entire production chain for mechanical engineering and equipment construction. The headquarters for the group of companies is in Düsseldorf.

Additional information: www.sms-group.com