Battery Industry

The battery industry is developing faster and more dynamically than ever before. With the increasing importance of electromobility and stationary data storage, the pressure on the industry to rapidly advance the development of lithium-ion batteries is constantly growing. Longer distances and higher performance are just as much a benchmark as increasing battery life and reducing production costs.

The solution to meet the benchmark requirements is an extended industrial production. Industrial production allows parallel cost degression and quality improvement with regards to economies of scale, automation and technical innovation as well as resource and energy efficiency.

Our Product Solutions

Web guiding

  • Rewinder / Unwinder control
  • Tab-ignoring
  • Multi-web application (Stacking / Winding)
  • Master-Slave and correction offset algorithm

Surface defect detection

  • High resolution inspection of electrodes and separators
  • Highlight crucial typical defects such as inclusions, bubbles, pinholes, agglomerates, scratches, etc.
  • Roll report provides all key data

Real-time measurement and dimensional control

  • Width measurement and control
  • Coating positions (lanes and pattern)
  • Edge straightness (regularity)
  • Close loop control of double side coating position (lanes and patterns) via smart web guiding link
  • Top to Bottom coating registration control (lanes & pattern)
  • Roll report provides all key data

Data interface

  • Automation of production process (free configurable by customer)
  • Quality data interface

Customized solutions

  • Individual automation concepts
  • The scope and degree of automation meet the requirements of the respective industry
  • Analyzing and consulting to optimize individual production process

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